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About us


R&D Innovation

Tsinglan Technology is a R&D-oriented high-tech company. Since its establishment, it has applied for more than 10 patents and software copyrights, most of which involve software, algorithms and system solutions. And in the follow-up, we will continue to apply for more than 20 patents and software copyrights every year.


Tsinglan Technology's investment in research and development accounts for more than 30% of its revenue, and its vision is to become a technology leader in the field of millimeter-wave radar. For this reason, the R&D engineers invested by Tsinglan Technology account for more than 50% of the entire company's manpower.


Moreover, the company spared no expense to build a dedicated anechoic chamber for millimeter-wave radar, as well as supporting software and hardware facilities, as the company's infrastructure for in-depth research on the performance and parameters of millimeter-wave radar. In addition, Tsinglan Technology also cooperates with Shenzhen University. . . The laboratory has established a joint research and development cooperation. The two parties have established joint cooperation projects and working groups in the field of millimeter-wave radar to share research and development results and intellectual property rights.


Millimeter wave radar that truly meets the needs of actual scenarios


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