Investigation by Tongcheng leaders

2023-03-20 09:03

On March 16 , Tsing Lan Technology welcomed Mayor Liu Cunlei of Tongcheng City, Anhui Province, and his team to inspect the company.

The Tsing Lan technical team introduced the company's development, product application and product advantages. Mayor Liu Cunlei put forward a broader development path for the company's development and product application, and looked forward to Tsing Lan's technology in Tongcheng. City health care, medical and other fields.



Subsequently, the two parties conducted on-site tests on the company's products. Relying on strong R&D capabilities and more than 20 years of experience in Huawei's product development, Tsing Lan Technology produced the first-generation vital sign monitoring radar that can achieve the industry's largest and most accurate detection of falls, breathing, Multi-dimensional detection of heart rate, life presence, etc., serving multiple industries such as automobiles, health care, medical care, hotels, and smart homes. During the test, Mayor Liu Cunlei and his party recognized our products very much, and proposed more application scenarios to be realized.



After the test, the two sides held talks again. Mayor Liu Cunlei said that Tsinglan's technology is developing vigorously, serving more and wider customer groups, and becoming an industry leader as soon as possible.

Millimeter wave radar that truly meets the needs of actual scenarios


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