Widespread Application of Millimeter Wave Radar

2023-03-21 14:15

77G millimeter wave radar is currently widely used in the automotive field. In addition, it can well solve the problem of accidental contact of traditional sensors in fields such as smart home, intelligent bathroom, intelligent air conditioning, parking lot gates, intelligent buildings, security assistance, elderly care health, drones, robots, industrial measurement, and is widely welcomed by the market.
1. Electric vehicle AEB/BSD
In China, the annual output of electric tricycles in the past 20 years is about 10 million. With the standardization of supervision, the listed models can be put on the road normally, and the annual output of electric tricycles is about 45 million.
With the increasing demand for safety and intelligence in electric vehicles, electric vehicles have begun to be equipped with AEB/BSD radar sensors similar to four-wheel vehicles. The 77G millimeter wave radar module with two engines and three receivers customized by Learda and a company for the industry can quickly adapt to customer products in combination with the experience of mass production in the automotive industry.

Millimeter wave radar that truly meets the needs of actual scenarios


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