"China Core" New Generation 94GHz High Frequency High Performance Ultra Range Millimeter Wave Radar Released

2023-03-21 14:17

According to reports, the new generation of high-frequency and high-performance ultra long-range millimeter wave radar released this time was developed by Hebei Communications Investment Group in collaboration with the innovation team of Mao Erke, an academician of Beijing University of Technology. It has achieved six breakthroughs in technology, namely, "China Core", long-distance, full coverage, high reliability, high accuracy, and multiple fields, filling the domestic technological gap.
The research and development team has carried out research on key technologies such as integrated design, streaming process, and packaging technology for 94GHz multi-channel transceiver millimeter wave radar chips. The innovative use of silicon based and compound heterointegrated packaging technology has achieved independent innovation and self-control for 92-96GHz wideband millimeter wave radar chips.
In response to the limited energy accumulation effect of existing traffic radars, the research and development team has innovatively adopted complex MIMO waveform combinations and cross domain coherent accumulation signal processing methods, further improving the speed measurement accuracy and data refresh rate, increasing the radar detection distance to over 1200m, and achieving high-precision, long-distance real-time tracking of targets.

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