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Tsinglan Technology is a high-tech start-up company focusing on millimeter wave radar solutions. Focus on the fields of pension and health care, automotive radar. The solution covers millimeter-wave radar sensors, cloud application servers, and supporting APPs for various roles . Tsinglan Technology takes user needs as the core and user business processes as the basis to create an end-to-end overall solution. Really solve the pain points and difficulties of users in terms of operation and process. Innovative technologies and products not only have more reasonable costs, but also lower overall operating costs.

Since the establishment of the company, a strong R&D team has been invested in research and development of basic software algorithms and high-level data model analysis algorithms for millimeter-wave radars, providing 60G and 77G millimeter-wave radar products and solutions (integrated antenna, radio frequency , signal processing , micro - control unit , WIFI /4G communication module ).

The R&D team includes system design, product solution, radio frequency, algorithm, signal processing, microcontroller, antenna , artificial intelligence and chip design. The team members are mainly doctors and postgraduates. The deep learning algorithm is applied to the cloud side processing of the point cloud image of the millimeter wave radar, which is used to judge the physiological parameters such as human posture, breathing, heart rate, etc., and predict and warn through comprehensive data analysis to protect the lives of the elderly. Health and car safety.

Millimeter wave radar that truly meets the needs of actual scenarios


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